Art Activation for the Del Rio Trail in Sacramento, CA

The Del Rio Trail is a five-mile abandoned railway corridor to the west of Freeport Boulevard from Sutterville Road to Pocket Road that is being converted into an art-activated, multi-use trail and park. I am an artist, hired by the City of Sacramento, to make art about the trail. I will design a Trail Badge for each of the 6 neighborhoods along the trail’s path using input from you! These badges will become stickers, stamps, patches and more and given away to trail users.

Neighborhoods along the trail

The corridor includes approximately 63 acres of land and runs through the City’s Land Park, South Land Park, Freeport Manor, Z’Berg, Pocket, and Meadowview neighborhoods. The Del Rio Trail project proposes to construct approximately 5 miles of multi-use trail that will connect the Sacramento River Parkway at the northern end of the corridor with the Freeport Shores Trail at the southern end of the corridor. When completed, the trail will be an activated public space including creative placemaking and public art all maintained by the City as a parkway.

I have been using the South Land Park section of the trail since 2004. My husband grew up playing on the trail as a child. Its a wonderful resource with lots of natural beauty.