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That Look from Mom

A Exploration of the power of a Mother’s knowing eye

We all know it… that look you get from mom when you do something naughty, cute, silly or just plain dumb. As a mom, I’m often giving that look. Sometimes it’s pride and joy in seeing their accomplishment and sometimes its frustration that they are still doing that dumb thing I want them to outgrow. At the heart of it, it’s how Mom can bring you to tears because she just… knows. Thank you moms and caregivers! We love you.

This series was created for the 30 x 30 Show at Blue Line Arts in Roseville at the end of 2021. The 30×30 challenge is to explore a theme or style by creating 30 works in 30-days. Each piece is 6×6 inches on 3/4-inch wood panel with a hanging wire. Pieces are $75 each plus shipping or free Sacramento porch pickup. Inquire to purchase, prints available at Society 6.

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No, you go ahead

You’re a rascal, aren’t you?!

Don’t make me come over there

Come and get it

Now you say, “Thanks Mom, You’re the Best!”

Be safe and stay together

I’m not saying it again

Promise me thats the whole story

Yes, I’m still waiting for you to finish.

I see you up there!

Don’t take shit from any man

I told you not to put your finger in there

If you’re so smart then go ahead

Well, its not meant to go on your head

I’ve always had eyes in the back of my head

I Was Worried Sick

What is that on your face?

I dunno, go ask your father

I just can’t, even…

Is Everybody Happy?

I’m proud of you kiddo

Dance! Dance! Shake ur booty!

What did you just say to me?

I have had it with you today!

Really It wasn’t you?

Does it need stitches?

Are You Done Now?

What a load of malarkey!

Where did you leave it then?

You said what to the teacher