We Grow in Place

Sassy Chassy #1, Mixed media on paper, framed, 11″ x 14″

Mixing colors, shapes and mediums, Heather’s work is multi-layered. She creates in any medium at hand: paint, ink, oil pens, pencils, collage, assemblage and printmaking . She is inspired by our interconnectedness on a molecular, social, and universal level. As we learn, connections grow among neurons in our brain. These synapses build pathways like trees or trails as we walk our tighter, close-to-home routes. Our screens and devices, wired to the invisible internet, connect us to each other and the beauty we find. Meditating on our universal challenges in this life striving for flow and beauty, Heather often carves or scratches into works to reveal layers below.

Beginning during the pandemic quarantine Heather’s most recent series is a celebration of our resilience and tenacity, expressed in layered colors, repeated markings, and notches. It is a study of organic patterns in the networks of the same-same repeating days that hold us together firmly while we grow.