Artist Websites Made in 3 Days!

It was a pleasure to work so many talented artists in my 3-Day Website Workshop in early August. We met for 2 hours at a time over 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Thanks to the City of Sacramento’s technical workshops for artists program I was able to offer this Workshop to students for FREE!

This workshop was specifically engineered for artists who don’t love computers but needed a basic website. To find such artists, I reached out to the Sac Open Studios coordinator when I noticed many artists who did not list a website in their profile.

I charted the whole 3-day course in one large slide deck so we could get through as many slides as the group needed or could fit in their brains that day. As questions were asked I added more slides and shared the deck with the course. I used Canva to make my slide deck and Canva was our preferred tool for this course because its good for beginners and has a free option. Specifically, we covered:

  • Tips for writing your artists resume, biography, and artists statement
  • Define the look and feel of your website by creating a style tile in Canva (which for many was an introduction to the software)
  • Work up a quick logo or fancy typeface for your name.
  • Modify a simple template with your own content
  • Revise, revise, get feedback, and revise. We looked at each other’s sites and made comments.
  • How to setup Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Ways to promote your new website and upcoming events.

I’m so proud of these folks who put together these stunning websites. There were a lot of reasons their websites didn’t get made- from being self-professed “not tech savvy” to never having an opportunity or not knowing “where to start.” They made it happen in just 3 days!

Take a Look

We have a few more workshops planned –


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