Capital Dance Project Collaboration

It was a honor to collaborate on a piece with Isabella Velasquez about music and movement called In the Pocket for the Capital Dance Project. Bella approached me with an idea based on my We Wear Many Hats series and subsequent installation proposal for Arden Uncharted. The final piece was three large mandalas or explosions of musical instruments with which the dancers interacted in their performance.

There were just 3 performances of Behind the Barre: Made in Sacramento at The Sofia, Home of B Street Theatre over Labor Day weekend. I attended all three and got to sit with my artist friends and take a bow on stage each time. It was a thrill!

The Capital Dance Project (CDP) is an independent collective of professional dancers and choreographers who collaborate with local visual artists and musicians to create world premiere works in Sacramento.


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The Process

The mockup of the concept
Two of the pieces on their way to rehearsal.

Assembling the Pieces

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Intro Video from THE show

Video by the wondrous Natalie Manning
Opening night group photo after the performance (source)


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