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Take One, Make One Vintage Postcard Collage Kit

Instructions & Tips

  • Start with clean hands, clear table and an open heart.
  • Lay out all your words and see what you can make. Try not to have an exact phrase in mind or things will get frustrating!
  • If you can’t find the right word, cut out letters to spell the word (remember to check your spelling).
  • Lay it all out first. Move it around, decide what postcard imagery to show or hide.
  • Take picts of different layouts, then commit and glue the best variation.
  • Try “wiping” the paper words across the glue, don’t rub the glue on the words.

Fun Sayings

  • Choose Love / Freedom / Kindness
  • Its a beautiful day to _______
  • Keep Calm and _____ On
  • Hold on, its time to ______
  • Be real / Be kind / Be crafty
  • Most of the time I ______
  • A balanced diet means _______
  • When nothing is going right, go ______
  • Wishing you a _______
  • Don’t be a _________
  • Dance like ________

Composition & Color

  • Notice how your words and the postcard photo or colors interact. Play around with how your phrase works on different cards and locations.
  • Use the Rule of Thirds: Grid your postcard into 9 equal sections, the nodes where the lines cross are visual hotspots – put your message there.