Fresno – The California Series


This series celebrates the Golden State; Each original artwork is named after a city or town in California. I’ve been wandering through this series while replaying memories from my travels. I hope this collection brings back your California dreams and inspires you to explore and adventure. Sorry Fresno, we’re so often passing through at night on our way elsewhere… you probably have a wicked-good darkside. – The artist

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The image of California is laser cut from paper from an old children’s school reader. I place the cutout on top of a blank paper and color the cutout and the paper beneath with tempera paint stick. The paper beneath results in a negative print of the shape.  There are two versions of artwork from this process: one is a colorful California shape on a plain background, the other is a negative space that I fill in by hand with gouache (opaque watercolor) paint.

The image is 5 x 7 inches matted to fit an 8 x 10 inch frame. Made by hand and laser, with love, in Sacramento, California.