Workshops & Classes

Is your organization looking for more ways to create community?

Workshops and classes are a great way to bring people together in a fun shared experience, to strengthen team bonds, and deepen connections or to simply bring some fun and creativity to student’s everyday lives. Workshops can create leads for other events and sales at your space or just liven up a party or celebration. 

As a lifelong artist, trainer, and teacher, having taught at Sacramento City College since 2006, I offer many types of workshops, trainings, and classes. I’ve taught at:

  • City of Sacramento, Office of Arts & Culture,
  • Sierra 2 Center for the Arts & Community,
  • Meadowview Pannell Community Center,
  • Leonardo Da Vinci eK-8 School,
  • Faith Presbyterian Church,
  • WordPress (WordCamp) conferences,
  • Girl Scout camps, troop meetings and more.

I recently completed the Artists as Educators Seminar, Mapping the Journey: Planning Effective Residencies for Students developed by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in early 2022.

I LOVE sharing the tools, techniques, and processes involved in creating a piece of art or design. I promise to embrace your creative experience with patience, humor, and acceptance of all skill levels. Contact me to talk about the workshop ideas for your group.

Print-a-thon event
Web Design Students at Sac City College

Carve & Print Your Own Stamp Workshop

Learn to design and carve your own lino block stamp for cards, art prints, or clothing.

Get Your Website Going Workshop

An online presentation on what you need to get started with your own website; what system to use, the content you’ll need to have ready, and how to do it yourself or who to hire.

Tie Dye Like a Pro

Learn how to fold three classic patterns (spiral, stripes, and circles) and apply vibrant, professional dyes on your own garments so you can proudly wear what you’ve made!

Let’s Paint a Mural Together Workshop

Learn how to digitally design your mural, select colors and paints, trace the image, and paint by numbers. Great for teams, families, or parties. Murals can be on canvas or an indoor our outdoor wall.

Protective Goddess Eyes Workshop

A calming hands-on activity for kids and adults. Revisit the campfire craft of “God’s Eyes” with yarn or t-shirt fabric yarn. Use 2 or 3 sticks in various sizes. Make an ornament in an hour or a more complex wall piece in a 3 hours session.

Decal Photo Collage Portrait Workshop

Make a collage from supplied waterslide decals over a painted abstract background. Learn to cut, arrange, apply and seal your artwork.

Trace a Mixed Media Portrait

Bring your own family photos that we will transform into line drawings and collage into finished artworks.

Cut Paper Collage with Silhouette Cameo

Use vector shapes to machine cut on a Silhouette Cameo paper cutting machine. Spend time creating a collage background and applying your cut creations.

Assemblage Magnets or Broaches

Bring your collection of junk drawer broken toys, jewelry and random stuff to turn into a magnet, broach or holiday ornament.

Technology Workshops for Artists

Get Setup to Gig: All you need to know to start your side hustle

Get started freelancing! We will cover the basics of setting up your sole proprietorship. Learn ways to secure business permits and/or licenses, insurance, set your rates, deal with taxes, and write a contract and proposal. Tips for selecting a business name, keeping track of your time, money, and client’s needs will be covered.

This class is for people who have done side projects for friends and family and want to level up as a professional artist freelancer.
Students will leave the class ready to take their next paying gig.

Lecture / In-Person or Online / Single Day / 60-90 Minutes / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 24 students. Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

Market Your Art Show Online and in Print

You did the work, you finished, framed, and hung the work, and the show will open soon! Congratulations! Here are 5 marketing techniques to get people to your show. We will create a look and feel for your show or event promotions, craft graphics and language around the event and schedule web postings, social media sharing, and printed promotions to get folks to your event.

This class is for people who are new to marketing and event promotion who need ideas and guidance on how to market their event online and in print.

Students will leave with a list of techniques, best practices, links and resources to bring people to their event.

Lecture / In-Person or Online / Single Day / 90-120 Minutes / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 24 students. Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

eCommerce Options for Artists

Are you ready to open your online shop but you have no idea where to start? In this workshop we’ll discuss 3-4 online ecommerce models and the pros and cons of each. We’ll discuss packaging, photographing, writing about your works, shipping and fulfillment.

This class is for artists who have sold work at fairs or galleries or via online marketplaces and want to build and run their own online shop.

Students will leave with comparison charts, resources, and tips to build their online shop.

Lecture / In-Person or Online / Single Day / 60-90 Minutes / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 24 students. Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

10 Steps to Consign Your Work

Are your side hustle products crowding your space? Do you want to see them in a local shop? Learn how to organize your work to make it easy for a store owner to consign with you, learn about different types of consignment, find out where to consign work in the Sacramento area, and ways to approach shops with your pitch. We’ll talk about fair commissions, packaging, setting dates and terms with the retailer, and ways to keep track of your money and pieces.

This class is for people who have inventory or art work, art gifts, jewelry or other artsy products that brick and mortar shops would love to sell.

Students will leave with contracts, inventory spreadsheets, resources, and a plan to consign work in local shops.

Lecture / In-Person or Online / Single Day / 90-120 Minutes / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 24 students. Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

Show Your Work and Connect with Clients on Behance

Behance, a portfolio site by Adobe Software, provides an easy way to build your online presence and connect with peers and clients in the fields of photography, illustration, and art.
This class is for people who have at least 3-5 completed projects they want to share. Folks should be somewhat computer savvy and know how to use image editing software to create portfolio graphics. Students should come prepared with project images and information for their first project post.

Students will leave the class knowing how to create their own profile, craft and post projects, and follow and interact with potential clients and peers.

Lecture / In-Person or Online / Single Day / 60-90 Minutes / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 24 students. Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

Start An Email Newsletter

Learn to create a free Mailchimp newsletter account and put it to use. We’ll cover how to, add sign up forms, create an audience, automate a welcome email, and build your first campaign. We will discuss tips and techniques for content and images, newsletter topics, layouts, and define some common newsletter jargon.
This class is for people who already have an online presence and want to target clients or customers directly via email at least once a quarter. Students can bring a laptop and follow along.

Students will leave this class knowing how to configure their email marketing system to promote their art practice and content ideas for their first email blast.

Lecture / In-Person or Online / Single Day / 60-90 Minutes / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 24 students. Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

Hands-On Workshops

Build Your Artist Website in 6 Weeks

Have you avoided building or updating your art website because it seems too hard and time consuming? In this 6 week class we will work together, step-by-step from week to week, to create an easy to update 5 page website that includes: work from your latest art series, your artist’s statement, upcoming events, artist CV, contact form, links to social media accounts, email newsletter sign up, and a dynamic homepage.

This class is for fine artists and craftspeople who need a website but are lacking support, direction and accountability. Students should first take the Get your Website Going Workshop so their website content is ready to go or already have those requirements met. Successful students have photos of their work, an artist CV and bio, and some descriptive writing about their artwork. They are capable of performing basic image editing, posting to various social media accounts, and own a laptop or desktop computer. Students will need to have access to or purchase website hosting and a domain name costing approximately $100/year. We will run this class either using Squarespace or WordPress as the website content management system.
Students will leave this class with a fully functional website that promotes their art practice and highlights their unique style and capabilities. They will have the tools and skills to add work to their site and keep it updated.

Lecture and Hands On / In-Person / Once a week for 6 weeks / 3 hours / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 10 students. / Venue Requirements: A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed. Students will need their own computers.

5 Tips to Take Professional Portfolio Images

Great photos of your artwork and products are possible with cell phones and free editing software. We’ll cover 5 photography tips that will help you share your work in the best light.

This class is for people who have a body or artwork or small products. Students should be comfortable using their phone’s camera and know how to install apps on their phone. Students should bring one small artwork with them to practice photographing.

Students will leave this class with multiple shots of their artwork and a handout with directions and tips to shoot their work at home.

Lecture and Hands On / In-Person / Single Day / 3 hours / Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 16 students. Venue Requirements: A space with ample light or access to a patio or courtyard. Daylight is preferred. A lecture setup with a display to share a computer screen is needed.

Artists Peer Mentor Cohorts

Are you an artist who feels like you are working in an isolated bubble, unsure which ideas are good ones, in need of feedback from people experiencing similar issues? Gather with hand-picked, like-minded creative businesspeople to discuss tip techniques and best practices in this peer mentoring group.

In this course a mediator aids a group of creative artists and craftspeople who want to improve their skills, gain and offer support, and build their art practice into a more profitable and fulfilling career. The group is for up to 6 artists practicing in the Sacramento area. The group meets every 2 weeks for an hour and a half, either online or in person for 3 months for a total of 12 meetings. Artists must submit a short application to ensure they are in a cohort that meets their needs.

The course mediator helps to create non-competitive relationships, guide discussion, set time limits, take notes and schedule meetings. The goal is to build an inclusive community aimed at improving and elevating the creative practice and business of each member of the group. At the close of the 3 month cohort, members are encouraged to continue their peer mentoring group on their own.

Group Discussion / Online/ Twice a Month for 3 months / 90 Minutes / Minimum of 5 students, maximum of 7 students. / Venue Requirements: Zoom access

Student Testimonials

“Heather was extremely knowledgeable about printmaking and she shared her knowledgeable very effectively. She is also enthusiastic about art and encouraged us to explore our own artistic path. She gave kind and thoughtful feedback on our pieces. I will definitely take another class from this instructor.”

Workshop Student, January 2020

“Thank YOU! The tie dye workshop was great, and our kids had a lot of fun.”

Jacob Zvolanek, Family Ministry Director, Faith Presbyterian Church

“Thank you for sharing so much information about you and your business. I felt you were very open and really want me to succeed. I felt so disconnected before and not able to get my feet off the ground. I feel so much better and that I will be able to do my passion in the near future! 2021 is going to be a great year! I am happy I found your class! Thanks again!”

Web Design Student, Fall 2020

Workshop Experience

  • Workshops for Artists, City of Sacramento, Office of Arts & Culture, 2023
  • Makerspace Sacramento City College, 2023
  • Goddess Eyes Workshop, Faith Presbyterian Church after school program, 2022
  • Community Mural Paint Days, Around Sacramento 2021-2022
  • Tie Dye Workshop, Faith Presbyterian Church after school program, 2021
  • Graphic/Web Design professor, Sacramento City College, since 2006-Present
  • Tie Dye, Collage, and Goddess Eyes Workshops with teens at Meadowview CC, 2021  
  • Tie Dye with Girl Scout Troop 1224, 2019
  • Tie Dye and Ice Dye at Weekend of Workshops Girl Scout Troop Leaders Convention, 2019
  • Lino block class at Sierra 2 Center, 2018
  • WordCamp Speaker and Presenter, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018
  • Assemblage Workshop, 5th grade student at LdV eK-8, 2018
  • Cyanotype instruction Open Studios 2018 at Sierra 2 Center, 2018
Helping paint a community mural

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