Summer Vibes

Pack a bag because we’re going on a summer road trip!

This series was inspired by many summer road trips around the Western USA. Specifically, a road trip from Sacramento to Las Vegas, then onto Oxnard/Ventura and back up the central valley . The bright lights of Vegas, dusky sunsets over the sierras, Mojave desert heat, beach combing, and central valley agriculture were all spotted out my car window.

The series was created for a 30 x 30 show, where the challenge is to create thirty, 6×6 inch pieces, in thirty days. Of course I suffered through Covid for about 10 of those days, so really it was a busy 3 weeks!

The small scale allowed me to iterate my ideas because I was using wood panels and I could scrape off a layer and start over if it didn’t work out. Mid-project I lost access to the laser cutter I was using to cut out these shapes so I purchased a Silhouette Cameo to cut shapes in my studio. That allowed me to work faster with a wider variety of shapes and scenes.

This series is currently on view at Blue Line Arts in Roseville California through September 17, 2022.