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Art By Series

We Grow in Place

A celebration of our resilience and tenacity in the networks that hold us together firmly while we grow.

Portraits of Tenacious People

Intimate studies of people who boldly and tenaciously did what they had to do.


Abstract, mixed media works from 2019-2020.

Cups & Objects

Mixed media on wood and canvas from 2020.

Animals with Occupations

Relief linoleum block prints on paper, 2017-2019.

Tenacious Women

Notable women both modern and historic, relief linoleum block prints on paper, 2019.

Assemblage & Collage

Pieces and parts, mixed up and re-contextualized, 2015-2021.

Block Prints on Garments

Relief linoleum block prints on upcycled garments, 2017-2021.