Art By Series

  • Unconventional Materials: New Work 2023

    Unconventional Materials: New Work 2023

    The Helmet Materials The helmet is sewn of textile scraps foam packing material, and heat-pressed plastic bags, bubble wrap. Each 3-sided shape is filled with plastic waste. Clusters of the […]

  • Public Art & Outreach

    Public Art & Outreach

    Partnerships with Caltrans, City of Sacramento Office of Arts & Culture, City of Rancho Cordova, Jibe Natomas, Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association, Capital Dance Project, and Celebration Arts and St. Hope. […]

  • Assemblage & Collage

    Assemblage & Collage

    Small magnets and brooches made from upcycled materials. Larger Works

  • Summer Vibes

    Summer Vibes

    Pack a bag because we’re going on a summer road trip! This series was inspired by many summer road trips around the Western USA. Specifically, a road trip from Sacramento […]

  • That Look from Mom

    That Look from Mom

    A Exploration of the power of a Mother’s knowing eye We all know it… that look you get from mom when you do something naughty, cute, silly or just plain […]

  • We Wear Many Hats

    We Wear Many Hats

    “I know where my kids’ shoes are, how much milk is in the fridge, and when the mortgage is due but I can’t remember my own email password. Am I […]

  • We Grow in Place

    We Grow in Place

    Mixing colors, shapes and mediums, Heather’s work is multi-layered. She creates in any medium at hand: paint, ink, oil pens, pencils, collage, assemblage and printmaking . She is inspired by […]

  • Portraits of Tenacious People

    Portraits of Tenacious People

    A colorful collection of portraits of people who don’t give up easily. Tenacious: tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely; pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate. […]

  • Cups & Objects