Get Your Website Going Workshop

Learn what you need to get started with your own website;
what system to use, the content you’ll need to have ready,
and how to do it yourself or who to hire.

What Students Will Learn

Students will leave the workshop knowing how to:

  • Identify their business and technological needs
  • Select a website platform that best fits their needs and budget
  • Purchase domain and hosting
  • Diagram their website structure 
  • Prepare content for their website
  • Get started building their own website or
  • Find a freelancer and what they can expect to pay

Students will be guided through a workbook where they will document their thought process and decisions. This completed workbook will serve as a guide to build their website themselves or to give to a freelance web designer. We will not be building the actual website in this course.

Who This Workshop is For

Artists or small business owners with some computer experience. Students should feel comfortable navigating the Internet, making online purchases, typing, and using word / image processing software (like Canva, Google Docs, Word, or iPhoto). Students should come with their own laptop or tablet. This workshop is appropriate for adults aged 14 and up.  Note: The creation of a website from scratch will cost at least $100/year for software and hosting and take at least 5 hours and up to 20 hours to complete.

Workshop Overview

The workshop runs for up to 4 hours with a flexible break in the middle as needed. 

  • Introductions & overview
  • Overview of top website software, pros and cons of each
  • Decide what your website needs to do
  • Identify your content and website structure
  • Select a website hosting platform
  • Common designs and layouts
  • Review next steps to get your site made
  • A bit about ecommerce
  • Questions & Answers

What’s Included

Students will leave the workshop with a clear plan to implement their own website. They will identify the software they plan to use, the pages that will be included, and a plan to either hire a professional or resources to forge ahead on their own. Students will document their decisions in a website workbook which includes instructions, examples, vendors and resources. The workshop may be recorded and provided to students for future review.

This workshop is best with a minimum of 6 attendees and a maximum of 26 students. We’ll need an indoor location with ample wifi, classroom style seating, and an overhead projector.

Thank you for sharing so much information about you and your business. I felt you were very open and really want me to succeed. I felt so disconnected before and not able to get my feet off the ground. I feel so much better and that I will be able to do my passion in the near future! 2021 is going to be a great year! I am happy I found your class! Thanks again!

Web Design Student, 2020

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