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I’m Making Art Demos! See how the art is made…


A huge thanks to these lovely ladies who hypnotized me with their artistic mastery! I had been watching other people make these art demos and thought it looked like fun.

I thought, “I can do that (kinda)!” And so I did.

Getting Setup

I purchased a 2 pack of folding arms, one has a ring light and the other has a clamp for my phone. They both clamp onto my desk. I’ve had a bit of and issue with the ring light, it’s reflecting in my glass tabletop AND I have to manually turn it on via the button and switch the color temp to neutral each time I turn on the power bar that controls all my lights.

Editing the Video

I recently upgraded my old Samsung Galaxy 7 to a G20 and its a dream- there are so many new features, including the ability to shoot in hyperlapse (which speeds it all up). I’ve use the built in Galaxy editor to add music and add a still shot of the finished art at the end. That was pretty easy but the music options are limited.

I’ve also tried Canva because I have a pro version and the app is pretty easy to use. That one looked pretty nice.

Lastly, I tried using the built in Instagram music addition and my video got flagged and removed for music copyright infringement. I found this confusing since Instagram offered up that song?

Watch the Demos 🙂

You can catch my demos on (I’m betting I’ll make more):

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