A St. Patrick’s Day Fill-in-the-______ Limerick for you!

I had this zine idea for Valentines Day but made some printable V-day cards instead, so with one day to spare I finished putting together this little limerick that you can make super silly with a pal. I love mad libs because they cleverly help the kids learn parts of speech. And I love these little one-page book/zines because they are so easy to make and they feel like little treasures in your hands.

I drew all the pictures myself with ink and a bamboo pen, you can color them in if you like. I’d love to see what you come up with!

How to Make The Zine

  1. Download and print on regular copy paper
  2. Fold the paper in half the short way
  3. CUT or gently tear along the cut line in the middle of the page
  4. Fold in half, then half again
  5. Unfold all the way. Let’s assemble!
  6. Fold in half on the long edge, make an open diamond where the cut is.
  7. Refold the book, paying attention to the page order.

For the visual learners, heres a video demo


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