More Than One Thing – Proposal for Art Installation

Interactive window installation proposal for Arden Uncharted, 2022


Each of us is the star in our own story! We are complex and emotional; we can’t be described with just one word. All of us are burdened at times with a heavy mental load and we all balance our desires with the expectations and perceptions of others. This installation expands on themes of love, caretaking, and our complex inner monologue explored in my series entitled We Wear Many Hats. Viewers will be entertained and leave with an appreciation of their quirks and complexities, enabling them to be more tolerant of the idiosyncrasies in others.

Consisting of a 9×12 foot painted canvas backdrop set 3-6 feet behind the window where a central image collage “explosion mandala” is affixed, this installation is an interactive photo opportunity and a picture hunt. The collage includes images of everyday objects, plants, animals, tools, even eyes and arms- representing our hobbies, struggles, and passions forming a mandala-like composition. The mandala is somewhat transparent, printed on clear film and adhered to the backside of the window, setting it apart from the backdrop. A floor sticker in front of the collage reads “Point to your thing: stand here for a selfie” inviting viewers to interact. In the corner a poster invites viewers to find and count specific items in the collage.

Man posing in front of installation
Woman and kids posing in front of installation
Mockup of the installation
What the window graphic might look like.


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