Images are printed on a Mimaki large format printer using heat sublimation ink onto paper. The ink is activated by heat and physically pressed onto synthetic materials like polyester and plastic.

I like to use open source and stock images in addition to my original designs.

Heat Press Collage Sublimation on Fabric

These collages are made layer by layer over multiple presses in the heat press. Ive sewn them into soft sculptures and onto shirts as wearable art.


  1. The most challenging part of the process is preparing enough imagery to make interesting collages and having the same image in multiple sizes.
  2. What are you most proud to have mastered or learned? Im proud to have found this collage method that is a fun and easy tutorial for people who have never used heat-press sublimation. Its a fun technique to teach and share. I think it get people excited about the possibilities of this medium.
  3. If you were to create this again, how might you improve upon your process, planning, or outcome? I feel that I need to standardize the aspects of this project- create a common size patch from upcycled material or use something premade like a mousepad or coaster so the end product is more useful to students.

Heat Press Sublimation on Single Use Plastics and Bubble Wrap

Heat Press Sublimation Patches Sewn on Upcycled Fabric

These are designed in the computer and pressed onto sheer organza fabric then sewn with a fancy contrasting stitch onto upcycled shirts.


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